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GPS External Antenna Repeater Amplifier Transfer for ZOPO Mobile Phone


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GPS External Antenna Repeater Amplifier Transfer for ZOPO Mobile Phone

  • Provides excellent signal amplification and out-band-rejection for the receiver
  • Micro USB GPS receiver, Can be used in zopo mobile phone,laptop / desktop computer, tablet PC, etc.
  • Easy installation
  • Water resistant
  • Mounting: magnetic base
  • Cable Length: Approx. 3-Meter
  • The antennas contains a high performance GPS patch antenna and a high-tech low noise amplifier
  • Voltage: 3.0-5.0V
  • Frequency: 1575.42MHZ

ZOPO Mobile Phone GPS Test with external GPS antenna 


Molina Alexis

GPS antenna

WOW................. it does really work, very impressed with this, The reception numbers are way above expectation. thank you very much, I was planning to buy an expensive navigator like tomtom, but now my Chinese phone really get my Route 66 working "SUPER"

maddison lawrence

Gps antenna

Used to make zopo 3X usable for in car navigation in the UK.Works perfectly 20 of 20 satellites fixed in approx 10 seconds and holds steady between 16 and 20 fixes with a far greater signal strength and accuracy down to 1 metre.Perhaps shouldn't be necessary to overcome flaw in phones gps but this is a good workaround.

marc loubeyre

Parfait - Perfect

Acheté pour palier les faiblesses du ZP998, je ne suis pas déçu. Avec la nouvelle antenne du ZP998, j'arrive à fixer 2 voire 3 satellites mais la navigation reste chaotique. Une fis l'antenne extérieure branchée je suis à 11 sur 12 avec GPS TEST.
Les niveaux sont meilleurs que sur la vidéo puisque le meilleur monte à 54, une seul reste en gris malgré un niveau de 38, l'Accuracy est de 2 mètres et le temps de fixe de 2 à 3 secondes. La navigation est parfaitement exploitable maintenant.
Bought to overcome the weaknesses of the ZP998, I'm not disappointed. With the new antenna ZP998, I can fix 2 or 3 satellites but navigation is still chaotic. One made the connected external antenna I'm 11 of 12 GPS TEST.
Levels are better than on the video as the best rises to 54, a single style in gray despite a level of 38, the Accuracy is 2 meters and the fixed time is about 2 to 3 seconds. Navigation is now perfectly usable.

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