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Shenzhen ZOPO Communications-equipment Limited Company is a high-tech company who engages in research and development, produce, marketing and service of mobile intelligent terminal products. ZOPO is one mobile phone major brand in the company which exerts to create intelligent terminal products. The first generation ZP100 & ZOPO ZP200 are ZOPO’sfirst generation Models, Later in June will release ZP300. ZOPO ZP200 has got a great success as China's First Glasses-Free 3D Android Phone runing with MTK6575 processor.

The mission of ZOPO is to bring more customers with delight and pleasure from intelligent technology and its core value is innovation, dream and credibility. Continuous innovation in products will answer customers’ higher demands. Introducing unprecedented online direct-marketing and experience stores, ZOPO makes its products excellent but economical, giving a chance for those who want to understand the latest high-tech to own a smart mobile phone and enjoy the splendid cyber world.

ZOPO aspires to become the leading brand in intelligent terminal area and to be loved by all customers.

Zopo Culture

Connotation of brand culture: This world is formed by dreams of common people. Realizing people’s dream is exact the process of reforming the world. ZOPO advocates that every people can hold their dreams and pursuits to achieve their goals. With confidence, optimism and courage, they will have wonderful and deeply touched experience, becoming the intelligent in life and work.

Through producing professional intelligent cell phones with high quality and innovation, ZOPO perfectly combines intelligent technology with daily life, creating pleasant experience for its customers at all times and places. ZOPOers persist because of dreams, and innovate because of the pursuit for perfection. We will make great efforts and we are credible!

Zopo Paraphrase

Z: Zealous

O: open

P: perfect

O: outstanding



ZopoMobileShop.com is official retail shop of Zopo Mobile, you can buy original Zopo smartphones: ZOPO ZP100, ZOPO ZP200 3D and their original accessories.
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