ZOPO at MWC 2016 with new product Speed 8
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On February 22, MWC 2016 is grand opening in Barcelona, Spain.
What surprise ZOPO will bring to all this time as he takes part in the MWC once more? Let’s wait and see!

Tips 1, Deca-core new product will release
Spanish time 10:30am on Feb. 24, ZOPO will hold New Product Conference at the MWC, with the theme of Speed Spirit, and will invite brand spokesman Jorge Lorenzo, the MotoGP world champion in three consecutive terms, as the special guest to unveil the new deca-core product.

Tips 2, wooden-made-battery-cover phone display the first time
To meet more requirements of users, ZOPO makes SPEED 7C— a innovative wooden-made-battery-cover smart phone— after monthly research and development. The most attractive point is that the cover takes advantage of the two natural materials —phyllostachys pubescens and ebony, and perfectly keeps every veins, realizes a great texture and touch feeling.

In terms of the configuration, SPEED 7C owns a 5-inch HD IPS screen, carries MT6735 quad-core 64-bit CPU, runs 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM, and equips 13.2MP rear camera & 5.0MP front camera, with a 2500mAh battery.

What’s more, other cost-effective Speed series products (Speed 7, Speed 7 Plus and Speed 7 GP) and colorful Color series products (Color S5、Color S5.5、Color C、Color E) will be on display at the same time.

Tips 3, booth area expanded more than three times than last year’s
If we say that ZOPO’s showup last year is only slightly making a finger, then its reappearance at MWC this year definitely should not be underestimated. Not only the area is 3 times more larger than before, but the design complies with the a minimalist concept, and is full of international manner, which can be found everywhere, the door, the stage, the counter, the poster, and so on. Blue and white as main tones, assisting with natural and fluent curve design, deeply and perfectly expresses the brand concept of ZOPO—Take It Easy!

We believe that ZOPO at MWC this time will impress and shock all people once again!

At this MWC, ZOPO booth is 7G50, and show time from Feb.22 to Feb.25, welcome all visitors!

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