New Relase firmware zp500+

New relase Firmware zopo zp500+ Plus chip mt6628
Fix. New playstore
Delete all apk chinese
Integrate facebook,twitter,YouTube
Reboot in English[......]

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Google Now for Zopo

Google Now for Zopo tested on ZP900 should work on other Zopo devices

Make a nandroid backup for easy restoring system if there are problems


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English Clockworkmod recovery Tutorial step by step


Step by step tutorial to install the clockwork recovery on Zopo devices. This tutorial is ‘valid for all other MTK platform based phones[......]

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Solution for zopo zp500, zp500+ black screen when make calls-proximity setting

Solution for zopo zp500, zp500+ black screen when make calls-proximity setting





Video Guide

Thank you for your[......]

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How to flash Zopo mobile, ZOPO ZP900, Zopo ZP300+, ZOPO ZP200 Updating Video English Guide

How to Flash Zopo mobile, ZOPO ZP900, Zopo ZP300+, ZOPO ZP200 Updating Video English Guide

you can download the latest English version ROM here[......]

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English guide for writing valid imei number for zopo phone

For some reason, some area sim card operator ask for special valid imei number for mobile phone. and i am here with english instruction for solve inva[......]

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How to edit contacts with their pictures and ringtone on zopo mobile phone

here is the video guide to set calling picture for zopo mobile phone, it works on zp100, zp200, zo300, zp500, zp300+, zp500+, zp900, android4.0


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Optimization of GPS System on Smartphones ZOPO – Ottimizzazione del servizio GPS sugli Smartphone ZOPO

Optimization of GPS System on Smartphones ZOPO


Smartphones ZOPO are designed and built for the reception of geolocation GPS (Global Position System).


In order to function optimally Smartphones ZOPO are equipped with system support A-GPS (Assisted GPS). The main purpose of this system is to “assist” the GPS receiver to calculate the position, providing information about the satellites in view. This methodology requires the support of the mobile operator on the SIM card. Given that every cell of mobile telephony present on the territory has a fixed position, it makes sure that both the cell to derive what are the GPS satellites in view to it, instant by instant. When a Smartphone ZOPO A-GPS wants to know his position, is connected via the cellular network to a “Assistance Server” (which can also be managed by the operator himself), which is also sent information on the cell to which the user is engaged.

Given that are known satellites in view to the cell, can be reasonably assume that even the A-GPS see the same satellites.

Therefore the server processes a list with the satellites in view, and sends it through the cellular network to the terminal, which in this way can immediately obtain its position. The download is a few bytes. The A-GPS is important because it “helps” lock on the satellites.



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How to install the new version of Google Maps – by Marshall0544

How to install the new version of Google Maps – by Marshall0544
ATTENTION changes in this file may cause read failure system

Google Maps does not update

“Incompatible with other applications that use the same shared user ID”

DELETE in “system/app” application “Maps.apk”

DELETE in “data/dalvik-cache” files:


Perform the CANCELLATION of these lines in the file “packages.xml” in “data/system/” immediately after the flash, or in zopo Smartphone at the first use.
Copy the file “packages.xml” and send it to the Desktop of your PC and using Notepad + + program or similar, DELETE the rows below about Google Maps old.

File as amended, must be overwritten to the existing using Root Explorer. CHANGE “Permissions” and “Owner” (1000-system) with service-menù, worth erroneous readings of the system.

Restart your Smartphone.


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How to solve the problem of “Invalid IMEI” – By Marshall0544

When IMEI numbers have lost  after hard reset (full flash) on Phone MTK65XX -  It will appear  “INVALID IMEI” on the screen of your Zopo smartphone.

Here is the solution:
Smartphone must be rooted

  • Backup file containing IMEI codes MP0B_001
  • The file containing the IMEI codes (MP0B_001) in Android systems with processor MTK65XX, is in the following location: /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001
  • Backup and copy it to the Desktop with Windows 2000/XP/7
  • Place it in a folder created called IMEI in C:\Documentes and Settings\User\ and insert the files imei.exe and MP0B_001.
  • Now open a cmd window by typing start -> run -> cmd -> chdir C: \ -> chdir C: \ IMEI
  • Inside the cmd window, type: imei.exe[space][n ° IMEI1][space][n ° IMEI2]  Example: imei.exe 123456789000 123456789000
  • This will create a new file called MP0B_001_NEW


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